Amended Provisions of Equalisation levy

Income Tax Act, IT, Finance Bill 2020, E Commerce

Apr 29 , 2020

CFSS 2020

Companies Act, MCA, SH 7, Belated Filings, AOC 4, MGT7

Apr 23 , 2020

Royalty and Fee for Technical Services

Income Tax, Section 9, section 194J

Apr 20 , 2020

Appointment of Managing Director Under Companies Act 2013

Companies Act, MGT 14, DIR12, Section 196

Apr 20 , 2020

An Overview of NFRA

Companies Act, Rule 3, NFRA1

Apr 20 , 2020

Relaxation of Due Dates-By MCA (Companies Act and LLP’s) due to CoVID-19

Companies Act, PF Act, ESI Act, MCA, Registration

Apr 18 , 2020

TCS on Sale of Goods

Income Tax, Section 206, 50Lack, Budget 2020

Apr 18 , 2020

Receipt of Foreign Currency on Exports

CGST, IGST, RCM, 16/2020

Apr 18 , 2020

GST on imported goods


Apr 14 , 2020

ESI contribution due date extended

P11/14/Misc., Covid

Apr 14 , 2020

Highlights of FAQ issued by CBDT on Vivad Se Vishwas

Income Tax, CBDT, Section 220, Appeal, Section 234e and F

Apr 10 , 2020

Clarification on GST on Rent a Cab

GST, CGST, RCM, Section 9

Mar 19 , 2020

LLP to Company

Companies Act, Income Tax

Mar 19 , 2020


Income Tax, IT, Budget 2020, Individual tax

Mar 19 , 2020


Income Tax, IT, ESOP, Section 80

Mar 19 , 2020

Section 54F Exemption on residential house acquired abroad

Income Tax, IT, Reinvestment, HP

Mar 19 , 2020

39th GST council meeting:

GST, GSTR 9, GSTR 9C, Extension, Audit

Mar 19 , 2020

CBDT notifies forms to exercise option of lower corporate tax

Income tax, DTAA, 115BAA, 115BAB, Form 10-IC, Form 10-ID

Mar 19 , 2020


: Income tax, DTAA, Section 115A, Transfer Pricing, Section 90,91

Mar 19 , 2020

LLP Settlement Scheme

Companies Act, MCA, Late Fees

Mar 19 , 2020

Gst implication on Printing Press:

GST, CGST, Book, Notices

Mar 19 , 2020

Transfer Pricing Compliance Chart

TP, Income Tax, Section 92, 92F, 3CEB, ITR6, 3CEAA, 3CEAB, 3CEAC

Mar 19 , 2020

GST Interest to be paid on Gross or Net Tax Liability

GST, Section 50, ITC, GSTR1, GSTR3B

Mar 19 , 2020


Income Tax, IT, Section 194, TDS, Section 10

Mar 19 , 2020


GST, Second hand goods, ITC

Mar 19 , 2020


GST, Section 50, ITC, GSTR1, GSTR3B

Mar 19 , 2020

OECD releases final transfer pricing guidance on financial transactions

Income Tax, IT, Treaty, Section 90, Section 91, TP, Transfer Pricing

Mar 19 , 2020

HC Allows Filling of Tran-1 Despite Absence of Any Evidence of Technical Glitches

GST, Section 50, ITC, GSTR1, GSTR3B, Tran 1, Tran 2

Mar 19 , 2020

Advance Ruling Under GST

Tax Rate, Notification, AR

Mar 10 , 2020

Guide to Submit Investment Proofs to employer

Income Tax, IT, Section 10, Section 17

Mar 10 , 2020

Analysis of Section 54,54EC and 54F-Exemption

Section 54, Section 54EC, Section 54F.

Mar 3 , 2020

Japan release 2020 tax reform outline.

15%7 tax credit or 30% bonus depreciation.

Feb 27 , 2020

BEN-2 Due date Extended.

e-form BEN-2, Form No.BEN-1.

Mar 3 , 2020

Whether GST Applicable on Liquidated damages?

GST, Section 15, Schedule II, 12/2017.

Feb 17 , 2020


Companies Act, Section 185, Section 186, Special Resoloution.

Feb 14 , 2020


GST, CGST, Annual Return, Form 9, Form 9c, Registration

Feb 14 , 2020

Blocking of E-Way Bill w.e.f 01/12/2019

CGST, 2 Months, GSTR 3B

Feb 14 , 2020

FDGFT Allows submission of self-attested Exporters copy of Shipping bill

48/2015-2020, FTP, Proof of Export, Shipping bill

Feb 06 , 2020

Acceptance Of Payment Through Prescribed Electronic Modes

Income Tax, Section 269SU, Debit Card, UPI, QR Code

Feb 06 , 2020

Eligible ITC claimed

GST, 10%, 75/2019, 10%, ITC restriction, GSTR2A

Jan 20, 2020


Electronic, GST, 1ST April

Jan 20, 2020

Amendment in CGST Rules

GST, 75/2019, 10%, ITC restriction, GSTR2A

Jan 20, 2020

TDS u/s 194M

Income Tax, IT, TDS for Individual/HUF

Jan 13, 2020

Income tax E assessment

IT, 143(2), Scruitiny

Jan 13, 2020

MSME Interest subvention

Micro Small, Loan 1 Crore

Jan 13, 2020

Major Tax Exemptions to Startups

Section 54, Income Tax, Section 80 IAC, Section 56, Section 54EE, Section 54GB

General Provisions for MSME sector under GST

Composition, Section 22, Registration limit, 20 Lakhs

Closure of Company

STK1, Companies Act, STK2, MCA

38TH GST Council Meeting Updates

GSTR9, GSTR9C, Extention, Waiver of Late Fees, E-Way bill, Blocked, ITC 10%, Lottery

Circular on Penal interest

Late fee, GST, LateInterest

Clarification form CBDT

IncomeTax, 80IAC

New Restriction of 20% on Input Tax Credit

GST, ITC, New Circular, Rule 36(4)

Clarification on Surcharge

Income Tax, Surcharge, IT

Guide on Benami Transactions

IT, Income Tax, Evasion

Valuation of Startups

Companies act, Valuation standards

INC 9 Affidavit not applicable

MCA, Companies Act, ROC, Rule 15


RCM, IGST, import, CIF Imports

Is your entity considered as Startup

Income Tax, 80IAC, 56(2)(viib), Form 2 to DPIIT, Form 1 to DPIIT

Amended Disclosure of SBO

Companies Act, Form BEN 1. Form BEN 2, SBO Rules, Form BEN 3, Table V

Gratuity Limit 10L or 20L

Income Tax, Exemption, section 10(10)

Recommendations of 34th GST council Meeting

GST, TDR lease, Development rights, construction, ITC on construction

Implication of GST on transfer of business

GST, Section 18(3), ITC On transfer

Relaxed norms on Angel Tax

Income tax, section 68, section 56(2)(7b)

Internal Audit

Internal control, Statutory requirement, Threshold limit of internal audit.

MEIS Benifits

SEZ/EOU, DTA, Start ups

Notification dated 29th January 2019

GST, Composition, Special Category state, New RCM

Why Stock Audit

Stock Counting, GST Stock, Reporting Stock

Have you filed INC22A

companies act, Forms compliance, MCA compliance

Service Provided by Government

Gst and Government, GST, Exemption for Government

New Threshold limit under GST

GST, Composition, registration, gst applicbility

Are you in the "List of Directors Disqualified" published by MCA?

Companies Act, Law, Section 164, Disqualiication

DDT On Agriculture income

Incometax, Dividend, Tax on Dividend

How to Save tax on sale of property

Income tax, Capital gain, 54G, Budget 2019, CG Exemptions

Certificate by CA in case of Deemed Exports

GST, 48/2017,01/2019, Advance Authorisation

Can I distribute Input Tax Credit to my branches?

ITC, GST, ISD, Input Service Distributor

Section164 Disqualification under Companies Act

Company law, Default by director, Companies act, appointment of director

MAT on INDAS co's

Ind AS, Income Tax, MAT, IndAS companies

Taxation Impact – Union Budget 2019-20

GST, Income Tax, Benefits of tax, MSME

Angel Tax relief

Income Tax, Section 56(2)(viib), Start ups

Joint Development Agreement

Income tax, JDA, Joint Development Tax

TDS under GST law

GST, TDS under GST, Tax deduction under GST

Disallowance of Interest expense under Income Tax Act

Income Tax, Interest Expense, Loan from associated enterprise

Tax Planning: Deduction of 30% of Additional Employee Cost in Business

Income tax, deduction, 80JJAA, Business Income, Profits or gains from Business, Employee Cost,Form 10DA, Tax Audit

Taxability of legal services

Legal Services, GST, Legal Services Exemption, Legal Services RCM

Beware, You should mandatorily quote your PAN for these transactions

PAN, Income Tax, Life Insurance, Banking, Property Purchase or sale

Export of Goods and Services without paying IGST

GST, IGST, Export of goods, Rule 96A, Letter of Undertaking, Export under bonds, GST RFD-11

GST, e-way bill

Income Tax, 115JAA

Disclosure of Prevention Of Sexual Harassment in Director's report

Director's report, Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Companies Act

When & to Whom is Equalization Levy Applicable for

Income tax, equalization levy,Advertisers, Non Resident, PE, Specified services

Penalty on Non filing of Income Tax Return

Income Tax, return filing, interest penalties,234F

GST e-Way bill Process

GST, e-way bill, electronic way bill

Issues regarding "Bill to Ship to" for e-way bill

GST, e-way bill, electronic way bill, bill to ship to

How to reserve unique name for a company during Incorporation

Companies, Reserving name, Name of company, RUN

Effects of Partial withdrawal of National Pension Scheme

Income tax, exemption, NPS, 80CCD, self employed

Single Master Form- Should Companies report Foreign Investment

MCA, Companies Act, SMF,Foreign investment

Tax benefits for Special Economic Zone Units

SEZ, Deduction, Income tax, 10AA

Transfer Pricing: Specified Domestic Transaction

Specified Domestic Transaction, Income tax, Transfer Pricing

Tax Rate for Domestic Companies

Income tax, Companies, Tax rate, Domestic companies

Taxability of Employee Provident Fund

Income tax, EPF, Withdrawal, Recognised provident fund

Are gifts taxed ?

Income tax, Gift taxability, sec 56

TDS Implication on Joint Development Agreements

TDS, Income tax, Joint development agreements, sec 194-IC, resident

Prospectus and allotment of Securities

Companies Act, MCA, Prospectus, Allotment

Tax rate applicable for Corporates

Companies Act, Tax rate

Disclosure of Assets in Income tax Returns

CompaniesIncome tax, Asset disclosure, 50 lakh

Applicability of GST for Clinical Establishments

GST, Clinical Establishments, Clinics GST, Healthcare

DIR 3 -KYC for Directors

Companies, MCA, DIR-3, Director KYC

Can a company advance loan to its directors

Companies Act, MCA, Director Loan

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