Helping individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of the tax system. We provide advice on how to minimize tax liabilities and maximize tax deductions, as well as guidance on filing taxes and complying with tax laws.

Their role is to counsel customers on audits, outstanding tax payments, and other difficulties with the Income Tax Authorities. They also counsel customers on how to reduce their taxable income or maximise their tax refunds. They ensure that their clients do not pay more than the appropriate tax amount.

No. Tax consultants and chartered accountant are different from each other. Tax consultants have expertise only in income taxes, tax savings, and other aspects of ITR filing. However, an chartered accountant will not have in-depth knowledge of filing taxes. chartered accountant provide a range of accounting services, while tax consultants can only provide expert advice on income tax filing and returns.

A tax consultant will help in filing your ITR on time. As they are professionally qualified in income tax and compliance audit, they also advise you on how to save on your taxes while complying with the tax laws and rules.

The different types of Tax consultants include:

  • Tax Attorney
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Licensed Agents
  • Financial Accountants