Details to be provided

A) GST Related Data:

2.Details of proprietor/director/partner of the entity associated with other entities
3.Turnover of Previous Financial Year- (For new entity till date current financial year turnover, if any)
4.Details of GST Liability
5. Details of ITC:
6.Details of refund claimed in previous FY and current FY 7.Summary of E- Way bills generated for relevant period.

(B)Financial Data

1.Bank AccountDetails
2.Bank statements for the past 6 months in respect of bank account details provided above
3.BRCs/FIRCs evidencing the receipt of foreign remittances against exports made in the past 1 year
4.Bank letter for up to date KYC of all bank accounts provided above
5. Top 5 creditors and debtors (with GSTIN)

(C) Additional Data

1.Copy of PAN
2.Copy of IEC
3.Certificate of incorporation or partnership deed
4.Rent agreement of all premises along with geo-tagged photos
5.Telephone bill of past 3 months for all premises
6.Electricity bill of past 3 months for all premises
7.Number of employees and statement of PF evidencing employees
8.Copy of depreciation schedules of the latest Income Tax return

Disclaimer:“The information contained herein is only for informational purpose and should not be considered for any particular instance or individual or entity. We have obtained information from publicly available sources, there can be no guarantee that such information is accurate as of the date it is received or it will continue to be accurate in future. No one should act on such information without obtaining professional advice after thorough examination of particular situation.”

Prepared By

Shraddha V

CA Final

Date: 27/04/2020