DGFT Allows submission of self-attested Exporters copy of Shipping bill

Chapter 4 of Hand book of Procedures talks about Duty Exemption/Remission Schemes. Under the said chapter under para 4.68 the documents required as Proof of exports of Gold/Silver/Platinum Jewellery and articles thereof are mentioned.

DGFT through public notice no.48/2015-2020 have made amendments in para 4.68(a) of the handbook of Procedures 15-20.

Para 4.68(a)

Before Amendment

After Amendment

Because of amendment in para 4.68(a) now exporters need not wait till the goods move out of country to provide E.P copy of shipping bill instead they can provide self attested copy of exporter copy of shipping bill as proof of export.

Difference between E.P copy of shipping bill and exporter copy of shipping bill

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