• Incorporation – Business structuring
    • Subsidiary company
    • Holding company
    • Independent company
    • Inter dependent company
  • Helping to lodge your tax returns
  • Investment to/from Australia
  • Australian companies set up business in India
  • Indian companies set up business in Australia
  • DTAA Consultancy
  • Transfer Pricing Consultancy
  • Book keeping services
  • SMSF Audit
  • Other statutory compliance like GST/FBT
  • Repatriation of fund investment in India/Australia
  • Identify right partners to do business in India/Australia

Our International Consultants- Zimsen Partners

We are proactively identifying services firm in Australia who share our values, are focused in Small to Medium Enterprise Segment and have an in depth understanding of the business culture and business requirements in Australia. We then enter into a memorandum of understanding where following services are provided.

  • Assisting clients of our associate firm wishing to undertake investment and business activities in Australia.
  • Associate offices assisting our clients in Australia with scoping of and undertaking investment and business activities in Australia.
  • Facilitating training program for our team members in Australia. This assists our team with knowledge and expertise in compliance requirements, business and investment opportunities in Australia.

We currently have following associate offices:


Zimsen Partners
Fireways Business Centre
7 Keysborough Close
Keysborough, Vic 3173
Ph: 03 97986622
Mobile: 0459 997 890
Email: VianyNAB9@hotmail.com

Tax return preparation and other compliance services are an essential part of the US tax practice. Our teams of tax advisors include qualified CPAs, CAs and other trained professionals who have a special expertise in dealing with the peculiar tax situations of U.S. citizens living in India and the Indian citizens who work in U.S.

Our firm provides personalized and comprehensive tax planning, compliance and consulting solutions to help you meet your goals.

We offer the following Services:

For Non-Corporate

Non Resident Indian(NRI)/US Citizen in India

  • Filing of Income Tax returns
    Along with filing taxes in India, we also offer services in the USA. We help in streamlining the procedure between both the countries. With the introduction of mutual contracts between India and USA (like the FATCA) it is of great importance to keep a track of this entire procedure. We help in either communicating with your existing CPA or refer with one of our own.
  • Refund process
  • Tax planning
  • Foreign national working in India Rules/Regulations

For Corporate

  • Corporate Returns
  • Computing Book / Tax Differences
  • Compliance with US regulations and US GAAP
  • Advising for Minimizing Double Taxation
  • Transfer pricing

As per The Singapore companies Act, Companies must file its Annual Return within 1 month after the AGM else penalty will be levied. In order to avoid such penalty it is advisable to consult tax experts to guide you through the process of filing your corporate tax return.

Our Services Include:

  • Filing of Estimated chargeable Income within three months of Company's financial year end
  • Arrangement of installments payment for tax liability with Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)
  • Preparing and submitting Tax computation with supporting tax schedules
  • Filing of Income Tax returns (Form C)
  • Replying to IRAS queries on behalf of client in respect to Company Tax matters
  • Advising about the Double tax benefits.

Human Capital is recognized to be the most important asset of any business and our team of professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive tax solutions to our Clients. Our services include:

  • Tax Planning for inbound and outbound individuals
  • Developing tax efficient remuneration packages
  • Developing Tax equalization policies
  • Advising on equity related compensation schemes
  • Preparation of individual income tax returns
  • Assisting in drafting objections and addressing queries raised by IRAS

GST compliance:

GST is an indirect tax, similar to VAT. If you are a GST registered person, you are required to submit to the Comptroller of Income Tax, a Form GST F5 (GST Return), every monthly or quarterly. You must submit the completed Form GST F5 not later than one month after the end of the prescribed accounting period to which the return relates

Withholding tax services:

Singapore has implemented a withholding tax law (on certain types of income) to ensure the collection of tax payable to non-residents on income generated in Singapore. The tax withholding does not apply to Singapore resident companies or individuals. Under the law, when a payment of a specified nature is made to a non-resident company or individual, a percentage of the payment has to be withheld and paid to Income Tax Authorities. The amount withheld is called the withholding tax.

  • Tax Planning
  • Singapore Tax Structuring and Planning
  • Tax planning and advisory (tax incentives and exemption)
  • Cross-border Corporate and Personal Tax Planning
  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Other Services
  • Developing tax efficient remuneration packages
  • Developing Tax equalization policies
  • GST advisory and review
  • Updating clients on Tax Law Amendments
  • Preparation of Supporting Schedules for tax computation
  • Assisting in drafting objections and addressing queries raised by IRAS

Importance of Filing Tax Returns
An NRI is usually taxed at source on a transaction he enters into during the year. But in actual, the tax liability for the year is computed in accordance with the provisions of the act and that amount is generally lower than the tax already paid. So effectively by not filing the tax return, the NRI assessee loses out on the differential amount.

In India

What we Offer?
  • Audit of Documents
  • Preparation of a Tax Computation Report
  • Filing of Taxes
  • Processing of Refund and other compliances.
  • In USA

    What we Offer?
    • Assistance in streamlining the procedure between India and USA.
    • Assistance in FATCA reporting

We at B.C. Shetty & Co, offer a complete one stop solution to all Capital Gains related queries.

What we offer?

Pre-Sale Procedures

  • Tax deduction and Deposition on your behalf by the buyer.
  • Lower Tax Deduction Certificate
  • FEMA Guidelines

Post-Sale Procedures

  • Computation of Capital Gains
  • Repatriation of Funds and CA Certification
  • Income tax Filing

Individuals and Corporates often find it challenging to comply with various provisions with the given stipulated time. We at B.C. Shetty & Co, provide a complete solution for all challenges.

What we Offer?

  • Compliance with FDI
  • Issue of Statutory certificates under FEMA
  • Transfer of Shares from Indian Resident to Non-Resident
  • Other advisory services

What we Offer?

  • Advisory services on Nature of Account advantages
  • Advise on Repatrability

What we Offer?

  • Save Tax arising on sale of Capital Asset- Evaluating various Investing Options to minimize Taxes
  • Advise on Investment in Indian Equities