Home away from Home, Amidst the Pandemic

My sweetest memories of my childhood have always been the ones where we used to go on for a good summer vacation. Those getaways which we had been planning for the entire year.

The wait was finally over and after the innumerable glitches it was finally executed. Everybody in the family would unwind from the monotony of life pack their bags and leave behind their frictions.

The excitement the eagerness we used to have for those few days are simply inexpressible. Throughout the journey we would mount up expectations from the place, have a bucket list of things to do and admire the actual days to come.

Upon arrival, watching at the magnificent scenery one can easily forget the world and take a back seat by the serene beauty of nature.

When you are tired, stressed, restless, hopeless, the only reliving and most relaxed therapy is nature.

All you need to do is just pack your bags and go on a wonderful journey into the woods, or hiking session.

But in last four months we have seen a paradigm shift in the approach towards travelling. Many bookings were cancelled. The trip with your best friend, sibling, partner or solo trips all came to a standstill. The leisure we used to find in the entire process and experience suddenly vanished.

The travel industry is far beyond just the tourists. It covers a wide array of people. It fed a lot more lives than we can imagine. From the local vendors at the many tourist destinations, to the Countries, states, cities, and towns who solely depended on the travel business. All were hit far and wide. The travel bloggers and the travel photographers are no exception. They have lost their main source of livelihood. There are economies crippling due to scarcity of revenue. Most of the vendors are already given up their fate and hope to this virus.

There are different response towards the pandemic topic on how the lockdown has affected their lives. The lockdown having been imposed, on one hand has helped the nature revive itself. It has restored the natural beauty. Imagine if we enjoyed the snow-capped mountains back then with such rates of pollution, how better it would be now. The other side faced a complete dark side in their survival for food money and stay.

The silver lining to it comes by various alternatives by travelling. Though a lot of criticism regarding the impact of it, it is much better than what it was.

Virtual traveling has become the buzz word. What better than sitting in front of your TV and being surrounded by the exact same experience as you could have had on the beach. Of course sun bathing is not there, but the warmth and the atmosphere helps our minds to shut the negativity . A getaway. “Home away from Home, right amidst corona”

Nevertheless, What else I learnt over these four months is that we don’t necessarily have to go to an exotic place, fly to another country, cruise to a serene destination to experience the nature, beauty and feel rejuvenated. Being home, taking a walk on the very same roads that used to strangle with traffic at the rush hours are no less than a walk down the parks in Japan. The beautiful trees here with the flowers blossoming, the chill evenings. And what better than pakoras on a rainy day. We have learnt that though travelling was relaxing, but more so staying here with the family, enjoying the special moments, the inside jokes, walking down in your locality, getting to know your neighbors, sharing the recipes to each - others cultures, being receptive and helping each other, well these all joys of create their own beauty.

It would have been better place in past if we were ever told that the rat race can also be treasured like the days we are proud of now. The materialistic joy is not ultimate containment when simple natural joys are taken a supreme position.

Now that nature has revived itself. The once crowded roads are now a sight to behold with magnificent trees and blooming flowers. It feels like you are at a whole different place and yet still united in our roots. Nobody thought that the stressful work schedule could be relieved by just a drive back home in these serene and breathtaking views on the same path.

I would conclude my blog by inferring that travelling is not only about visiting a place. It is an emotional mix with a spark. Now times have been replaced by the same amount of excitement for just to buy grocery essentials and leading a sustainable life in a sedentary time. I would advise all to stay home stay safe with your families and wander your minds in this wide universe.
Bon voyage.

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