Managing employee payroll requires time, resources, and vigilance to consider applicable tax laws. We can take this burden off your shoulders with our full-fledged payroll outsourcing services. Our payroll team is accurate, efficient, and securely handles everything, from computing employee salaries to deducting taxes and issuing payslips.



Startups already have a lot on their plates, and adding payroll functions (with all the tax laws and regulations) to their list worsens the situation. Payroll outsourcing saves startups from these hassles and frees up their time for the core business.

Incorrect employee details, entering wrong amounts, errors in time tracking & overtime calculation, underpaying or overpaying employees, etc., are some common errors that can cost you a hefty sum and raise questions on your credibility as an employer.

For payroll processing, the HR team needs to keep updated records of sensitive employee data, including PAN & Aadhaar card numbers, bank account details, rent agreements, and savings, etc.

Outsourcing payroll-related tasks can help you save time, money, and manual labour. Reducing the time spent on administrative operations, like collecting employee details, maintaining salary records, framing a payroll schedule, tracking work hours, marking attendance, overseeing deductions, etc., increases work efficiency and allows your employees to focus on the important tasks at hand. Team at BC Shetty & Co. can help you avoid errors and costly penalties. We assist you in making accurate calculations and informed decisions regarding employees' paychecks.

Look online for reputable payroll outsourcing services providers like BC Shetty and Co. or ask for recommendations from industry leaders.