Profit Improvement Strategy

Identification and measurement of key profit drivers is an important area which decides the long run of the organization. We can assist to develop and implement profit improvement strategies to benefit your organization.

We also assist in cost management using various techniques such as marginal costing, standard costing, etc an umbrella of services taken care under one of roof of Technology oriented consultation.

Expansion or Funding Strategy

The businesses around the world are trying to make a global mark by expanding their operations offshore and going international.

Technology companies are no longer an exception. They have joined the bandwagon to expand their activities offshore, which is proving to be a profitable stride.

Followings are some benefits of setting up a subsidiary:

Funding Strategy

As your Business grows, need for funding does not diminish. Chances are, you will need some form of capital to introduce new products or services, expand into new markets, hire or contract additional help, expand your facilities, or purchase new equipment and machinery. We analyse financial statements and guide you in building key ratios which can help you in raising funds from financial institutions. We also help towards due diligence to be done for the investments to be made in your organisation.

We can assist you through following ways:

FDI Implications

Foreign Direct Investment is a direct investment into the business by an individual or company of another country, either by buying a company in the target market or by expanding operations of exiting business in set country.

Following are some benefits available to IT sector through FDI we build a bridge as a trusted Chartered Accountancy firm in serving you better.

FDI Prohibited Sectors
FDI under Approval Route

Following entities need prior approval from FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board) approval: -

FC-GPR (Foreign Currency- Gross Provisional Return) Compliances

Form FC-GPR is a form issued by RBI under Foreign Exchange Management Act,1999. When the company receives the foreign investment and against such investment the company allots shares to such foreign investor then it is the duty of the company to file details of such allotment of shares with the RBI within 30 days and for that company has to use the form FC-GPR (Foreign Currency- Gross Provisional Return) for submitting details with RBI.