Real Estate Tax consultancy Services

We specialize in providing quality Real estate tax consulting services that cater to the requirements of various corporates as well as individuals. Our range of services cover all aspects of Indian income tax laws and are mostly time-bound and technical in nature. Further, our services are highly cost effective and allow our clients to save a lot of time and money.

Real Estate Tax Consulting Services provided to Corporates:


  • Computation of Capital Gain
  • Corporate real estate advisory
  • Investment opportunity in house property
  • Tax planning in Capital Gain exemption schemes
  • Certificate of withdrawal of amount for Capital Gain Account Scheme as IT Act for three years
  • Tax planning on Joint Development (JD) agreement and subsequent sales proceeds
  • Computation of Income
  • Filing of Income-tax return
  • Representing Assessee for Assessment

Non- residents

  • FEMA property advice services using the Register of property professionals
  • Application to Income-tax department for Lower TDS
  • Investment opportunities
  • Computation of Capital Gain
  • Computation of Income
  • Filing of Income-tax Return
  • Representing Assessee for Assessment.

Amendments in Taxation Rules

Tax deduction from payment on transfer of certain immovable properties (other than agriculture land)

Applicable –

Sec 194-IA applicable from 1st June 2013

Who is responsible for tax deduction –

Any person (being a transferee) responsible for paying (other than the person referred to in section 194LA) to a resident transferor any sum by way of consideration for transfer of any immovable property (other than rural agricultural land) is liable to deduct tax at source under section 194-IA.

Time of Deduction –

Tax shall be deducted at the time of payment or at the time of giving credit to the transferor, whichever is earlier.

Rate of tax Deduction –

Tax is deductible at the rate of 1%. However no tax is deductible where the consideration paid or payable is less than Rs. 50,00,000/-.