• “There are so many great things about working at BC Shetty & Co. I value the working relations I have with the colleagues, there is always an open opportunity to further your education or to change career paths within the company, and the flexibility within the company is so refreshing. The bottom-to-top management in the company is exemplar”
    Sisindri Reddy Designation: Article Assistant
  • “Flexibility to manage my work hours truly weighted my decision toward BC Shetty& Co. I felt that my quality of life would significantly improve and allow me to meet the needs of my educational as well as professional career.”
    AZHAR NASEEF Designation: Article Assistant
  • “Working in BC Shetty & Co over the past 2 years has truly been an amazing experience. Not only have I transformed to an efficient, detail oriented worker, but also have I gained valued knowledge of the Corporate & Business structure which has greatly impacted my day-to-day being. The people here are great and very responsive to our needs.”
    Vaseem Mohammed Designation: Article Assistant
  • The Firms senior partners have truly internalized the goals and objectives they have laid out for their folks. Articles/Employees feel appreciated and are recognized for their dedication and hard work. There is certainly a rare energy from the top down that is contagious and a synergy that crosses the firm laterally.
    I like working at BC Shetty because one aspect of the culture is employee empowerment. Employees are asked, "What should we be doing?", not told what to do.
    BC Shetty provides the opportunity to work with the best in the industry.
    Muhammed Hashim Kunhali N K Designation: Article Assistant
  • I Joined the firm B C Shetty and Co. as an article in 2011 and later at the completion of articleship in 2014 joined as an employee.
    If one is looking for productive and appropriate articleship with better work environment , decent pay and sufficient exam leaves, B C Shetty and company is the right place to chose.
    The firm sets up platform and independently one can maintain clients. It is a place where there is scope for performance, potentiality and perseverance. A place where there is time for fun.
    Phalgun Designation: Audit Manager
  • “ BC Shetty & Co serves as a foundation to many aspiring young CA’s to build a career and a platform to excel for many. It gives me immense pleasure to say that BCS gave me a great break through in my career and helped me to boost my confidence level. It’s a place where you have different generations working together and sharing their knowledge, ideas to bring out the best in each of us. In simple words BCS is a place to learn, cherish and build a personality of your own.”
    Sruthi. P Designation: Audit Manager