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31388-Specified bank notes in audit report-Varna ready to upload.pdf 2017-08-02
92871-GST newsletter on exports.pdf 2017-07-21
17444-GST implementation or transition.pdf 2017-07-03
58676-Cost of inflation.pdf 2017-05-27
77731-Section 92CE.pdf 2017-05-27
25253-GST Newsletter on Returns and due dates.pdf 2017-05-27
89028-Newsletter - Foreign Tax Credit - 21.02.2017.pdf 2017-02-28
16670-Newsletter on Rule 37BC_V2_28022017.pdf 2017-02-28
87125-PAN for GST Registeration.pdf 2017-02-10
90898-GST Newsletter Expectation from Budget 2017.pdf 2017-02-10
88664-Mandatory Quotation of PAN.pdf 2016-11-18
34783-Income Declaration Scheme.pdf 2016-09-10
58644-TCS on cash recipts -After Amendment-General.pdf 2016-09-10
3320-Krishi Kalyan Cess.pdf 2016-09-10
11277-Equalization Levy.pdf 2016-09-10
50091-Service tax on legal services after Notification 32,33,34.pdf 2016-09-10
99702-Service tax on legal services as amended finance act 2016.pdf 2016-09-10
98976-BUDGET 2016.pdf 2016-09-10