Legal Services

B C Shetty & Co. provides end-to-end business solutions to all domestic and international companies from inception. We customize each service to meet the specific requirements of new and existing companies to develop sustainable advantages and help our clients effectively optimize and develop their internal competencies by assisting them to translate their latent talents into successful business solutions.

Legal Support

  • Covenant drafting for business relations with pertinent parties
  • Regulatory requirements and compliance management
  • Power of Attorney to act as agents and protect rights
  • Intellectual Property Rights Protection and licensing
  • Alternate dispute resolution and industrial relations for organizations with trade unions in India
  • Services of Drafting of reply to Show Cause Notice
  • Services of Drafting of appeal before any Statutory Authority
  • Services of Giving Legal Opinion in respect of queries raised in any branch of law such as Income Tax, VAT, service Tax, Customs, Excise, Company Law etc.
  • Any Advice in respect of Tax Planning
  • Any advice, consultancy or assistance in respect of compliance matters of any branch of law.
  • MOU Drafting
  • Real estate documentation
  • Real estate Agreements

Key Benefits:

  • One-stop shop for new or existing business development in India
  • Legal advice from business and corporate lawyers, including protection of Intellectual Property
  • Smooth transition to a new environment with careful guidance from experts
  • Strategic business development during organic or inorganic growth

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